Audio Technica ATH-MSR7NC active noise cancelling headphones

MSR7 series have released a total of two products, one is the standard version of MSR7,And the other one is the limited edition MSR7LTD, the color is bright red, MSR7LTD from the appearance look more charming. They sound LTD is the biggest difference between versions of the sound iswarm, while regular version sounds resolving is more prominent. This time we bringyou products is the third product MSR7 ATH-MSR7NC active noisecanceling headphones.


Said triangle introduced noisecanceling headphones, you may feel a bit strange, because the category is too little, most of which are located in the functional headsetproducts, the price is relatively cheap, and this time choose levels of active noise reduction function into the thousands and more rare approach. ATH-MSR7NC in pricealso flat with many high-end noisecanceling headphones, so its noise reduction effect is also really looking forward to, then we will bring you experience when using the headphones.

Audio-Technica-ATH-MSR7NC-REVIEWS3Headphone box is quite large, internal packaging design is also very neat. Upon opening the box, in addition to the headphones outside the body, we can see the accessories for this product is very rich, to provide users with a 3 wire, were 1 1.2meter standard earphone, 1 1.2 m with a Mic (wire) cables, and 1 standard USB charging cable. Also comes with storage bag 1 leather materials and multifunctional converter, looked very simple fashion.


If you have used the Audio Technica MSR7, see the MSR7NC will feel familiar, becausethese headphones look identical. ATH-MSR7NC’s main colors are black, aluminummagnesium alloy shell, head beam made of soft leather, and feel are very fine workmanship; internal frame is metal, scale and telescopic adjustment, there is a clear feeling.


Earmuffs by protein package, soft and flexible, all inclusiveear design makes this headset to wear very comfortable, can be horizontal rotated 90 degrees outward, users more fitting when worn on the head, will not cause pressure on the ear. In addition, the headset can be easily removed, we can clearly see the headset‘s internal structures and units, such design seems for most headphones are not common. It is worth mentioning that, now on the market some MSR7 forgery, we can use this methodto distinguish the authenticity of products.


Has all of the features on the left side of the headset jack, including standard 3.5mmheadphone cable interface, ANC noise switches and USB charging port. In addition to the accessories supplied wire headphone cord other than users can also give earphones to replace other 3.5mm cables, versatility is quite strong. Noise reduction button feel slightly loose, open after the noise reduction function, right next to the barLED lights blue, closed LED lights automatically turn off. Tried USB to charge, the LED light will turn red, LED lights will automatically turn off after charging is complete.

Next we will talk about headphones noise reduction effect, due to ATH-MSR7NC using a closed ear design, airtight is good in itself, so even if the noise does not open the case, headphones are noise, interference by outside noise when listening to music itself is very small.


When after the active noise reduction feature turned on, the author does not seem to feel the noise at work. Because if it‘s noisecanceling headphones in opened afteractive noise reduction function, the sound will change significantly, and MSR7NC this behavior does not occur. So I went out near a noisy subway station experience thisproduct noise, this noise is very apparent.


In fact, this is due to the MSR7NC transition of noise reduction effect of sound morenatural, does in the environment is not particularly complex office building unnoticed, when I listen to music almost oblivious to the noise reduction feature turned on.To noise near a metro station, the noise reduction function really played a role, outside noise is difficult to disrupt the process of listening to music. Using wire cables when you answer or make a call, and opportunities to voice most of the noise is filtered out, the noise reduction effect is very obvious.

Inside the headset is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, charge time is longer, from zero to full power takes more than 2 hours of charge time, and it lasted about 30hours of noise, enough to satisfy the average user a few days time. Excellent noise reduction capabilities well under extremely noisy environment for users, quiet listening environments.

General decline we won’t care too much about cancelling headphones sound, but the sound of the headphones is worth and share with you. And compared to the price of other noise-reducing headphones, ATH-MSR7NC sound quality is has obviousadvantages, this we will use the front-end device is the iPhone 5s and Sony D100 digital recorder, turning off the noise reduction feature in the audition process, let theauthor to introduce subjective hearing sense of the headphones.


We take a look at the basic indicators of the Audio Technica ATH-MSR7NC, it uses a 45mm diameter large-diameter unit, with a sensitivity of 100dB, 35 ω impedance and frequency response between 5-40,000Hz, you can easily meet the specifications of high resolution audio. When trying to listen in using mobile phones, drive the headphones does not feel very hard, so the headphones to front-end equipment requirements are not very high, which also MSR7 characteristics remain the same.

ATH-MSR7NC high frequency performance the most prominent,  very close to the sound and voice with background music level, resolution excellent, but dental sound under control, no obvious ear-piercing sound is rich in detail. Listen to classical, jazz, pop music, are very adaptable, belongs to an omnivorous diet of sound style.

Low frequency performance full of strong, sound feels more solid, dynamic and rhythm are evident, when listening to pop and rock music‘s atmosphere very well. Author of the 21 Guns Green Day band‘s classic songs, MSR7NC songs sound of the vocals and instruments are in place, no mix of sound and a strong sense of hierarchy; headphones analytic climax in the song‘s guitars have been fullest play.




The Audio Technica ATH-MSR7NC can be regarded as a very special headset, compared with the price of other headsets, active noise reduction function is very useful andeffective; and noise-reducing headphones are put together, it sounds much, noise reduction effect of natural transition and significantly reduced the reverse of other active noise-reducing headphones sound fills the ears feel. Excellent wear and workmanship and conforms to the grade of the headphones, which can meet the user functionality and quality demands, is a very comprehensive range of products.

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