Audio Technica ATH-SR5/SR7 headphone reviews/evaluation

Of Japan’s leading headset Audio Technica brand seems to be stronger and stronger in recent years, even as the giant SONY, when dealing with the iron triangle model at the same level are not under pressure.As the MSR7 success, Audio Technica headphone has once again attracted the attention of many enthusiasts.And recently launched ATH – SR5 is probably 56-point thrashing of the second wave of the flagship model.


The SR5 than SONY headphones at the same level of MDR – 100 (h.e ar on) a slightly more expensive.


Packing change MSR7 cool black, instead of using the white of large area, and SONY audio equipment this year new packing style.Fresh and elegant.


Compared MSR7 SR5 design is Japan, also more show delicate, neck hung out, also more natural, SR5 sticking ear small feeling truly accords with the definition of the street, now more than 500 yuan in the high-end portable headphone ear type model is still not much, still have development space, SR5 good fill this relatively blank of the market, are worth noting.
In addition, whether the ear pad or head beam, SR5 than SONY aap more mini MDR – 100, 100 aap or slants big, if you don’t think that SR5 in carrying, wear are impeccable.


Silvery white relaxed sense is really very good.It is a pity that still not for android mobile phone which can adjust the volume.Only one button to adjust forward backward, hang up.Relative to competing goods, the wire control outstanding place is mic bigger and more clear.
SR5 earmuffs and MSR7 is same, can be rotated 90 °, the shell part design, also have chamfering aura silver fine grinding surface is also very attractive.The excelsior work, it’s a saliva.Ear pad stress is moderate, my head is small, roughly one hour you have foreign body sensation, just after wearing glasses, auricle will be pressure to the glasses legs, is not great.This is also a problem in most post ear headphones.It is difficult to solve.Can adjust themselves.
Work fine as reflected in the ear mat, disassembly and installation, the smooth handle didn’t have to say.Normally take headphones, it is also a pleasure to see the aura staring blankly.

Telescopic shaft part of the design is reasonable, accurate feeling is very good, shake up and down around the head, this part also quite strong, stable, quiet feeling also have no choose.


Evaluation during the match the walkman F886 D100, xperia z3 + and proud fly X7 (AM2 modules/amp K5 base desktop amp)Compared with some all kinds of portable head.



Quality: compared with MSR7, surrounded by lack of some feeling, feel confined sound field scale, for some sort of quyi uncomfortable;MSR7 tone more sweeter, for dyeing voices have more apparent, even style differences of different device drivers, MSR7 can also have a moving sound output, unlikely to be the front changes.SR5 voices than MSR7 have soft waxy sweet feeling.Is relatively rational.Three basic balanced frequency ratio, and this MSR7 about, if you open the front end of the bass sound, or broadcast equipment thrust is bigger, it will naturally have a satisfying sense of low volume foil atmosphere.In terms HIFI, SR5 already very good, three frequency hard quality is solid enough.Clean.Only regret, is less “flavor”, I think that’s it and the state of MSR7 gap.
As Japanese headphones, ELECOM OH1000 as a recent batch of HI – RES black in comparison with the triangle SR5, there are advantages, an impressive elegant girl, and high frequency extension, low-frequency descend also is very good, only hard quality, compared the density of SR5 audible gap.For instance in some music, sound will be a little dry and appear as SR5 solid, but the style, visible Japanese manufacturer to sound aesthetic is quite similar, don’t listen, a little like both headphones style.
Compared with V – what MODA XS, SR5 equilibrium is exquisite, precise in high frequency resolution, in listening to the string, female voice music, will be more.Amount of low-frequency XS feeling slightly bigger, and also not the HI – level of RES, contrast with the first music, will be a little gap between feeling.HIFI quality, SR5 or slightly stronger than the XS, but for music need to foil atmosphere, XS or win SR5 imposing manner, male thickness on feeling, XS is a better choice.XS and SR5 are 1000 s headphones, do manual work, both are very good.Style differences, hard quality SR5 slightly ahead.
Contrast AIAIAI TRACKS, have never thought is seen price is very low, but the small volume, super contracted the ears of the enclosure is very lively, three-dimensional stereo feeling to the person, like SR5 are relaxed, but the shape of SR5 completely closed, still not breathable, TRACKS is more bright, you can think of is solid and bright sound (bass), if the pursuit of cost-effective, maybe you can consider to TRACKS, but the density and high frequency extension, SR5 or better.A thick ear pads, also make a voice more full.

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