Audio-Technica CKS77X in-ear headphones reviews

In recent years, with a kind of research and investigation for discovery: People listening orientation continues to move closer to the bass, like the low-frequency band getting lower and lower, people now prefer  pop, rock, Rap and other music often filled with a strong sense of atmosphere to interpret drums.therefore stereos, headphones and other audio equipment in the sound on strike in order to meet consumer tastes closer to the bass region.


Audio-Technica headphones as the Japanese brand, its product range headset comes in the headset industry leaders, and CKS in-ear headphones series is the main flagship low-frequency effects, CKS77X is Technica CKS series of low-level model, has low price. I received a CKS latest models CKS77X, still is the main bass, today we offer experience.


Audio-Technica ATH-CKS77X Packaging still continues the tradition of the black box plus Transparent window design, although the atmosphere is not high, but still great style makers. Packaging show “SOLID BASS” visible CKS series promise to play bass in the end.

From the parameter point of view, CKS77X using large diameter 12.5mm moving coil unit, a sensitivity of 106dB/mW, Frequency range 5-25000Hz, impedance of 16Ω, maximum input power of 100mW, headphone quality about 7g, use the L-type plug.


CKS series that features independent “air chamber”, this independent cavity has the effect of enhancing low frequency (similar subwoofer cavity structure), which is the CKS series has excellent bass reason.

Audio-Technica-cks77x-detail Audio-Technica-cks77x-detail-1
IS different form the old section of CKS77, CKS77X in the “air chamber” design to do no small modifications, from high purity aluminum cut empty room interior more space, you can make the sound better response, while aluminum the use of metal material can be effectively suppressed by the acoustic resonance caused, so that the sound is more pure.

Audio-Technica-cks77x-detail-2 Audio-Technica-cks77x-detail-3

12.5mm diameter size of unit usually made ​​of flat-head stopper, relative to the small size of the unit, the larger size of the diaphragm has a better audio performance, low frequency more natural sound field will be more open, more frequency range wide, in order to be able to use in-ear earphones large size unit Audio Technica catheter using tilt on ear design, which can be used not only to protect the large size of unit, but also has excellent wearing comfort and worn on the ear than the average headphones firmly.

Audio-Technica-cks77x-detail-5 Audio-Technica-cks77x-detail-4

L-shaped plug to enhance the durability, has a good ability to carry bending, wire using a special rubber material, elastic medium, stethoscope effect is not obvious, comes with three pairs of pink silicone case for consumers to choose the right size.


Listening Experience:

The Reviews used a source for the vivo Xplay phone, HiFiMAN HM-901 player.

break-in before: Match flagship of this series, this headset gives the first impression is the low frequency heavy since no break-in, so low volume and chaos, intermediate frequency grab hold of, high-frequency sound more teeth, Therefore, after listening to an ear, decisive start only 100 hours of burn.

CKS77X still feels heavy low-frequency, compared with the break-in front, low-frequency amount of sense feeling somewhat reduced, but in fact, because the diaphragm after temper

Tight low-frequency energy is more cohesion, elasticity enhancement is more obvious when listening to DJ nightclubs, rhythm clear, very intense low pressure.
Low frequency reinforcement of course would inevitably cause some obscure intermediate frequency effect, if we take CKS77X to listen to classical still miss it now! Used to listen Quartet, along with the sound of the cello, that basically only listen to cello, but if used alone to listen to the cello, and that feeling is still very heart itch! We see to be careful not to cover the wrong idea, the author which is aimed primarily classical music, pop music basically saying that replaced it does not come out feeling, especially in Europe and America the kind of fast-paced songs, followthe music and rocking your body.


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