Best entry-level Audio-Technica ATH-WS55X headphone reviews

Audio-Technica ATH – WS55X uses 53 mm drive unit, is designed for the cover type. The impedance is 40, sensitivity is 100db, and frequency range is 10-24000 Hz. It is specially designed for portable listening. This headset compares with other headphones products is quite simple in appearance, but it is full of cool feeling.Audio-Technica-ATH-WS55X-headphone-reviews

Concise inside shows cool feeling
ATH-WS55X design is very concise in appearance. Although ATH-WS55X headphones is the cover type structure, it’s quite light. In the similar portable headset products is also quite light.

Headphones adopt black appearance design, grinding material processing makes it looks more low profiles and restraining. Headphones shell part is divided into the two semicircles, the middle section of shaft design, emblazoned with the silver metal wire drawing logo. It is very conspicuous. Outside of the frame is the hollow out design, has a hale sense of fashion.

Headphones shell connection shaft parts can also be free rotation Angle. It guarantees the joint degree of wearing. The headset rod uses the pure steel material, with excellent durability.


Part of ATH – WS55X head beam uses a soft leather outer. The inner is breathable mesh cloth, can effectively disperse the head pressure and less heat. part of Headphones earmuffs is the leather package. The internal rubber cushion is also very soft, having a high degree of wearing up. It is not only comfort, but also brought good sound insulation resistance.

wire handle end of the Headset uses the long rubber material package to prevent damage, 1.2 meters long line the most appropriate length for going out to use. ATH – WS55X headphones plug pa.

Audition feeling:

ATH – WS55X headphones drive unit is 53 mm and it adopts unique structure to increase the performance of the Bass. We found that in the practical audition ATH – WS55X headset gives us especially surprising. This headset is more mature than the previous series of products. It is no longer only bass. It notices every spectrum of sound. It is easier to let people accept and love.


If you are listening to some bass music and isn’t strong, such as simple violin. It may not feel its superior bass. But the sound analytical ability is quite good, its levels feeling quite distinct, so you don’t have to worry about the sound details will lose.

The bass does not affect the other band playing

The headsets transient response ability is very good, does not make sound the obvious feeling of procrastination, it is pretty good for the interpretation of some larger transient music. But no doubt ATH – WS55X earphone bass performance is also pretty good, if you are listening to some of the instruments, in multiple parts instruments sharing more balanced music, or low frequency in the main performance of the music, it can feel the bass of this headphones is pretty good.

Its bass receive freely, would never occur the interference. It can give us very generous sense of rhythm and quantity feeling, so it’s no doubt that the voice is very attractive.

Intermediate frequency part of the headset is still quite warm solid, is also relatively clean. ATH – WS55X vocal performance is not too straightforward, it has certain dyeing, but not thick. It can sound very emotional, rich flavor. The headset has relatively good interpretation for various types of voices.

The high part of the headset is more bright beautiful, but the voice with a little rounded to ensure better listening sense. Its three frequency separation degree is relatively good, and will not affect the other frequency. It keeps the overall music and will show a more reasonable structure, so this kind of headphones for a variety of types of music is pretty good. It also broke the theory that the consumer distinguished bass headphones only suitable for the conventional pop music.

Write in the last:

Maybe you will not feel the appearance of ATH – WS55X headphones is outstanding, it is only a feeling of simple. But the portability of this kind of headset is very good. Low profile design can make people feel a kind of high-end style. ATH – WS55X headphones should be the most let a person remember is its voice. The sound style of the headset is more perfect and mature in Soild Bass series products.

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