Creative Sound BlasterX H5 Gaming Headsets Reviews & Experience

With the rising generation as a computer, computer games have become a part of many people’s life , like it were always willing to spend time and effort on it, as half a game enthusiast, I also often in his spare time, find friends LOL, at the time could not find his teammates will play single games had fun, but I always have a very clear truth, that is, ‘No matter how hard you play LOL, you also can not enter the gaming circles.’ stay at home, last week when I got this game SOUND BLASTERX H5 headset, as the Innovation and Technology in November 2015 the new professional gaming audio products series one, this headset natural to focus on a better gaming experience.

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Creative  Sound BlasterX H5 classic black as the main color of the headset, the outer ear is blended with ‘BLASTER’ trademark and a red X mark, highlighting its exclusive personality Gaming Headset. Sound BlasterX H5 durable steel and aluminum structural design, lightweight and easy to dress,  At the same time Creative technology distinctive minimalist design, so Sound BlasterX H5 headset has a more compact compared to other similar body, not the head forming pressure, people who play games for a long time is a blessing.

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Sound BlasterX H5 always reflect designed for users to game design qualities. Using high-quality protein leather ear memory foam material and soft leather wrapped its rugged metal structure, so Sound BlasterX H5 has extraordinary comfort. Meanwhile ear size is very large, it can be completely wrapped in earmuffs ear, but also has good noise reduction. Highly flexible monolithic steel head beam according to the first type can be a perfect match for the size, it did not affect the stability and resilience.

Creative Sound BlasterX H5

Sound BlasterX H5 can easily control the line of remote control headset, such as music playback, volume control, voice, good to meet the gaming headset for easy user requirements. Sound BlasterX H5 uses a standard 3.5mm  cable can be used with any sound playing smart devices, such as mobile phones, flat panel, speakers and other equipment, can also be used to connect today’s popular audio consoles, Sound BlasterX H5 contains a 1.2 Y-type combo meter cable , one for microphone input and one output for audio.

Creative Sound BlasterX H5 control

sound blaster h5 headphones review

   Sound unit design
Sound BlasterX H5 high-performance 50mm FullSpectrum full-spectrum sound unit, very shocking sound effects can be achieved. Its rated power of 118dB / mW, at the same level of the headphones can achieve greater volume, reducing the game’s greatest degree of realism, I chose the classic CS shooting game when you experience the game in a variety of gunfire, explosions It can well presented, with a strong sense of reality. Sound BlasterX H5headphone  sound unit designed to create a mini-acoustic chamber, reducing ear resonance, better sound liquidity levels and detail, allowing users to experience clearer sound audio and better separation efficiency and create a delicate sound effects.

Experience Summary:
Wearing comfort
The reason why I put this as the first point summary of the experience, first because of comfort for a gaming headset is particularly important, because gamer tend to be relatively long time wearing headphones, so wearing comfort for professional or semi-professional players are more valued. The Sound BlasterX H5 on wearing comfort is very good, in terms of the material’s softness and parcel of the work on it is excellent, while the noise reduction effects are very good, the first beam section also has a very soft The liner, the maximum to avoid pressure on the head, ensuring gamers wearing comfort.
Audition effect
Audition game headset includes two experiences, one showing the headset itself, sound effects, and second, the microphone pickup effect, in order to ensure excellent gaming performance in these two areas is also recognized for a gaming headset The most direct factor. The Sound BlasterX H5 in sound performance far exceeded our expectations for gaming headsets, game sound performance is in place, it is possible to provide a superior gaming environment for gamers, and even can be used as a music headset. Call effect on the microphone, it can be carried out very clear voice communications in the game, to meet people’s basic needs for gaming headset. In summary, this Sound BlasterX H5 is a very suitable for gamer of professional gaming headset.

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