DENON AH-W150 Sports Headphone reviews

The old brand DENON has been set up more than one hundred,the theater, audio, and software manufacturer HiFi products always is famous for its good quality and excellent sound in the world.


DENON AH-W150 have bluetooth headset perfect operation function and application of using in-ear earplugs also makes it to isolate external noise when going out, quiet listening environment. This headphones has a variety of fashionable colors to choose from, is designed for the design of fashionable young users to build; In terms of sound quality performance, sold for one thousand yuan a bluetooth headset should also have fairly good performance.

the DENON AH-W150  details of Headphones shell


Can see shell on its shell adopts the double color, dark part of both sides have two pretty big bump keys, left for the telephone, on the right side are the pause/play key operation; Buttons below the logo for Draco’s product. Pause playback button edge has a small light, easy to display the working state.


AH – W150 earplugs have quite a lot of silica gel for users to choose, it’s black silicone set for four pairs of different size, gray silicone sets also have three pairs of different size, also there are two on memory sponge set bonus, selectivity of giving users is considerable. The slab joint degree is quite good when wearing, have good sound insulation.DENON-ah-w150-details2

DENON AH-W150 Bluetooth connected.DENON-ah-w150-bluetooth


DENON AH-W150 is a fairly for modern music headphones, when we wear a joint it can bring very rich bass effect, the overall thickness of the sounds will follow. Just the voice is not only the bass plugs, it will be three frequency bands, more open, still be very clear in terms of high and will not be covered. It even position of three spectrum distribution will be basically in the same height, and won’t be affected by each other, administrative levels feeling of the whole is quite clear.


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