HBS-910 LG wireless headset experience and reviews

Daily life indispensable as an audio device, Bluetooth headset to us brings many convenient, especially let us get rid of the shackles of the cumbersome headset line, for users who often need to go out, Bluetooth headset is undoubtedly the best choice. Today brings a LG Bluetooth stereo headset HBS-910. It used in line with ergonomic “wearing a neck type” design, allowing users in the use of more convenient to wear, telescopic ear design also improves the convenience of the user operation and the use of comfort, and Harman Kardon audio technology cooperation, LG HBS-910 in terms of sound quality also have full protection by, let us work together to take a look at this modern sense full Bluetooth wireless headset.

lg hbs 910 headphone reviews

Different models of LG HBS-910 Bluetooth headset and traditional wireless headset, which uses a ring neck wear design, users wear only will gently pull the ear, wearing very convenient and support one click “recycling” earphone line, users receive up is also very convenient. Many users are worried about the headset slender headset line is not strong enough, the tentative pull a bit, feeling is quite strong, as long as you don’t use brute force pulling, normal wear and without worry too much about the earphone line.

lg hbs 910 headphone reviews2

In the HBS-910 LG headphones outside and inside are distributed buttons or switches, first from the inside point of view, the headset inside the distribution of two symmetrical “recover” button, the button can quickly recover the headset line. The inside of the left side of the earphone is also provided with a sliding type of the earphone “. On the right side of the headset there is a sliding button, you can manually adjust the volume, and the volume keys on the distribution of the USB Micro charging interface and call button.

lg hbs 910 headphone reviews3

The HBS-910 LG Bluetooth headset body weight of 54G, equipped with 220mAh lithium battery, a charge requires 2 hours. In the life time, according to the official statement, HBS-910 LG Bluetooth headset support standby 540 hours, support calls 16 hours, 10.5 hours of music playback support.

lg hbs 910 headphone reviews4

In addition to the earphone main body, LG HBS-910 Bluetooth headset accessories also includes a micro USB charging cable and two sets of different sizes of glue ear, and a user’s manual, basic operation can through the user’s manual to find out.

lg hbs 910 headphone reviews5

Audition experience:
This LG HBS-910 Bluetooth headset extremely important voice broadcast, voice memo function, we also focus on the experience, first of all say it’s speech function, it can be mobile phone to receive text messages, SNS news automatic voice broadcast, completely without manual operation, while you listen to will automatically play, not to interrupt the music playback, the app can also set different messages warning bells, let you to predict in advance the importance of news, for unwanted messages can be manually shut down, improve your work efficiency. In addition, LG HBS-910 Bluetooth headset also has a voice memo function, only need to FF/REW button towards push 1 seconds, you can open the voice memo function to help us ready to record some of the more important events.

Call function is Bluetooth headset on a very important uses, especially in some situations where it is not convenient to use mobile phones, this LG HBS-910 in calls the most is prominent function is to join the voice dialing function, it only takes a short according to “call” button to activate the voice commands “, but this function need the phone support voice dialing function. In addition, press and hold the “call” button to activate “repeat last call number”, and call the number of the last call. At the same time in the APP side can also be a key dialing set to further facilitate the user’s call needs.

Experience summary:
As compared to a “wearing a neck” Bluetooth headset, this LG HBS-910 Bluetooth headset and before the HBS-900, in appearance to have the certain change, but overall style is still a continuation of the “wearing a neck type” design concept, appearance still in fashion, simple, with telescopic earphone design, also let the headphones in wear or storage is more convenient. And in the actual use of the process, LG HBS-910 in songs and calls also have very good performance, at the same time in the operation is also very convenient, through cooperation with Hatton Kaman, in terms of sound quality also displays splendidly, sound very transparent and delicate, call when the voice is very clear to very good to meet the users for the daily needs of the Bluetooth headset is a fashionable feeling full and practical wireless stereo Bluetooth headset


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