iPhone 7 Lightning EarPods headphones dismantling and reviews

The site of Tinhte  share the new apple EarPods headphones, converting head apart from – 3.5 mm, confirmed that both have small DAC analog-to-digital conversion chip.
Among them, the chip inside the headset number 338 s00140 / A0QK1623 / TW, the conversion head is 338 s00140 / A0MU1621 / TW, has a metal shield, covered with two layers of metal, but there is no manufacturer logo.
However, apple is generally fromCirrus Logic procurement related audio chip, they just have DAC chip, what’s more, the number and TW (Taiwan).
DAC to join, can let the new  EarPods, traditional 3.5 mm earphone can pass from the normal work of the interface, which is the digital audio output.

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