JVC Ha-s88bn Headphones reviews

This time we get the JVC noise-reduction model is JVC ha-s880bn, the outer packaging some ordinary, very simple. Apart from the packaging, the headset is mainly black, and the hinge and the outer edge of the cavity body are decorated with silver, which is very grade.

The earphone cavity body shell uses the bright surface design, the street uses the Yan value high enough, but is easy to leave the fingerprint and the greasy dirt, needs to wipe frequently. Headset Ear hood Part of the use of protein skin material, soft and elastic. I also wear experience for a long time, can wrap the whole ear, will not cause pressure on the ears, wearing feel very comfortable.

The ear head beam Part also uses the protein cortex material to wrap, the place which touches with the head is very soft. The telescopic adjustment of the headset has also tried several times, very solid, there is no feeling of baggy.

The headset features a wide range of keys to meet all Bluetooth connected operations. All keys are centered on the right side of the cavity, in turn: The key to reduce noise, play/Pause key (also can answer the phone), the headset volume plus minus keys, 3.5mm audio input, micro USB charging interface and Bluetooth open key. Unlike other Bluetooth headsets, there is a NFC-sensing area on the left-hand side of the s880bn, which allows the device to be paired with the headset Bluetooth quickly using an NFC-enabled device.

And then look at the headset accessories, the headset packaging in addition to the charging line, 3.5mm audio line, but also attached to a headset to receive a bag, when not in use to put the headset, but also to protect the role of headphones.

Headphones use 2.4GHz bluetooth transmission, after the author measured, in the office environment, the use of mobile phones and headphones connected, five or six meters of local connections are very normal.
JVC earphone Test IPhone7
Try to listen to the equipment we chose IPhone7 as the play front end, conducted a trial, for netizens, IPhone7 should not need the author too much introduction, in the cut off 3. After 5mm headphone mouth, wireless bluetooth headset has become Apple’s main push of the new products, and even now airpods headphones are in short supply. and the major headphones manufacturers have launched Bluetooth headset new products, can be seen in the future market competition will be intensified.
Turn on the headset bluetooth, red and blue lights alternately flashing, began to match the phone with headphones, the pairing can begin to enjoy the music. According to the official statement to close down noise listening music when headphones have 27 hours of life, only to start the noise-reducing use of cable listening music life time can reach 35 hours.
Noise reduction time up to 35 hours, although the time is long, but the specific noise reduction effect how? Do not listen to songs, only to open noise reduction after the effect of noise is more obvious. In the office with the basic sound of the environment, even the sound of tapping the keyboard can hardly hear. In addition to the use of the Office, the author also took the headset back to the subway, subway in just speed up the car in the wind and the wheel and track of the friction sound is still very big, with this noise after the wind is basically no, the harsh friction is also reduced correspondingly, if it is at the airport, the noise reduction effect is sufficient.
To say the sound quality, we try to listen to music in order to have a better quality of the experience, will reduce noise off to audition. Listen to the songs of the main pop, but also try to listen to some musical instruments solo. I think this headset low frequency is very flexible, some male rock sounds very with sense, the use of Bluetooth connection, the details can also be better preserved, basic not to lose the quality of the cable connection. The use of Bluetooth and cell phone connection is also very convenient when used in the street, it is very easy to use.

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