LG Tone infinim HBS900 Bluetooth headset reviews

For everyday listening to the song synonymous with the Bluetooth headset is a portable device, Bluetooth headset lets us get rid of cumbersome cord tie, especially for travel use, Bluetooth headsets are undoubtedly the best choice. Today brought a LG Tone infinim HBS900 Bluetooth stereo headset, which uses a unique retractable ear buds designed, continuing the classic Ring-necked appearance, working with Caton Harman audio technologies, ensuring voice quality, while supporting real-time time, text/SNS voice broadcasting, is a luxury compact Portable Bluetooth headset.

lg hbs900 headphones reviews

LG HBS900 Bluetooth headset ring neck design, headphones the front designed with silver paint, with black on the back. HBS900 used can telescopic type earplugs design, wearing Shi just barely earplugs gently pull, wearing up is convenient, compared HBS800 for, this paragraph headphones of line cable very slender, support a key type “recycling” headphones line, user storage up is very of convenient, many user will compared worried so slender of headphones line is enough strong, author tentative of pulled pulled has about, feel also is compared strong, certainly cannot using pretty force.

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Earphones are distributed around the surface of the phone, and playing two buttons, on the inside of the headset has two symmetrical “back” button, by pressing the headset can be quickly recycled, headsets very popular Micro USB charging port, charging port is also located in the inside of the headset on the right and in the left corresponding position to the inside of the headphones is switched buttons.

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The right side of Headset is a sliding button, you can manually adjust the volume, headphone left the same distribution on the outside there is a sliding button, you can make the voice broadcast and voice broadcast messaging operations, which is all the physical buttons on the headphones design, distribution is symmetric, the user is also very convenient to operate.

Connection set

Due to this paragraph LG Bluetooth headphones joined has real-time time, and SMS/SNS voice broadcast, function, in connection set Shang than General of Bluetooth headphones to slightly explicit complex, first need download installation LG of ToneTalk application, again through APP paired Bluetooth headphones, actually operation and General of Bluetooth paired basic consistent, but more has APP zhihou can achieved on headphones more of set, like reading short card, and SNS, and headphones calls, set, set up also more convenient.

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Experience summary: overall, the LG HBS900 Bluetooth headset-Ring-necked design is continued in the design, stylish, simple, with the retractable earplug design, whether it is worn or is very convenient for storage. In application scene Shang, regardless of is listening to song also is calls are has very good of performance, while operation Shang also is convenient, through and Hatton Kaman in sound aspects of cooperation, sound aspects also performance excellent, voice very permeability and delicate, calls Shi voice also very clear, is good of meet has user on Bluetooth headphones of needs, in different occasions are very practical, is a paragraph compared worth recommended of Portable Bluetooth headphones.


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