logitech UE 500 Folding portable bluetooth headset reviews

Moving iron headphones the world famous brand after bought by Logitech UE, launched a lot of headset products. Logitech UE 3000 is specifically for users to create the entry-level products.Today, we will bring you the new Logitech UE5000 end Bluetooth headset products.


Logitech UE 5000 adopted a new folding structure design. The appearance also uses the high-end products. It seemsprettier.Logitech UE5000 also has a lot of operation improvement. It is more suitable for public’s demand.


Logitech UE 5000 Bluetooth headset, like its high-end products, using deep tonal collocationappearance, but its overall outline is smaller than other series; it is more portable to take.


Logitech UE 5000 adopted the steel frameand plastic mixing material rod.It not only guarantees the excellent flexibility, but also has good durability. The rod sliding moment degrees are clear, looseness and natural.Headphones head beam top is grind arenaceous processing, inside has thickened rubber MATS, which can effectively reduce the oppressive feeling when wearing, suitable for listening for a long time.

Logitech UE 5000 adopted the ear cover design. It is comfort and with soft leather inside.the outer wrapped in thick adaptive sponge, it is good and comfort.

Solo piano music is popular by music lovers. It adopts different tone to show the headphones sound performance. The piano is the relatively wide frequency response instrument. In the piano music, it can show a certain dynamic and transient ability. But we use piano album testing mainly is in order to obtain more interpretations between different timbre.

Audition feeling:
Warm voice is quite appropriate to listen. It  promotes itself in music performance, making  the sound more easily accepted by people.Logitech UE 5000 bluetooth this kind of response in the soft music quality request is not high, instead more pay more attention to the interpretation of the tone. The headset is the voice of a certain dyeing and modified. It can express more comfortable, will the piano sounds good to show the various frequency.


Write in the last:
Anyway, logitech UE 5000 headset products won’t appear too fashion, withlow-key sedate appearance design.But we had to admit that logitech UE product positioning has been relatively accurate. Logitech UE with delicate manual work, intimate details, and more convenient operation, especially in terms of sound quality performance is entry-level headphones.


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