Pioneer SEC-MJ101BT Bluetooth headphone Reviews

Pioneer as day Department audio manufacturers, pioneer of brand visibility obviously than other day Department brand, pioneer headphones more is is unknown, actually in old burn of eye in, pioneer headphones is a extremely stable of HIFI brand, just near some time with market of change, headphones business gradually go mass consumption route, today share of this paragraph pioneer SEC-MJ101BT is oriented mass of stereo Bluetooth headphones,  whether has manufacturers standard, please see personal evaluation!
First, out of the box
Pioneer packaging more general SEC-MJ101BT, in both English and Chinese, simple,useful information, without any modification of dragging its feet, but this model is slightly longer, not to remember.
Take away the shell is a clamshell-style black boxes, and packaging line, relatively simple, upon opening the box is a pioneer SEC-MJ101BT fuselage, said lining, liningmaterial is more common, and the design is somewhat complicated, the bottom is accessories.
Accessories for 3.5mm audio line, lines are somewhat hard, and colors consistent.

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