Sony h.ear in Wireless MDR-EX750BT headset reviews

sony-h.ear-inwireless-mdr-ex750bt-reviewsSony h.ear series located in the fashion series 2016 not surprisingly launched a Sony h.ear in Wireless MDR-EX750BT wireless headphones, this completely solve the problem of long lines with the equipment. Wireless headset from my past, generally in terms of call quality (self talk) tend to be grim, but Sony h.ear in Wireless MDR-EX750BT wireless headphones in this aspect of the design is in place, are wearing headphones, MIC closer to the mouth, thus ensuring spoke in a clear voice. So from this respect relative to h.earon Wireless for NC MDR-100ABN headphones, and it is not only used as music headphones, but also speak to a good pair of headphones.

sony-h.ear-inwireless-mdr-ex750bt-reviews2H.ear positioning in Wireless MDR-EX750BT to fashion, so there are many color options, closer to young people, my hand is the black version, relatively low-key. Centralelastic rubber material, the key part is plastic. Whole work is very

From the use of the process, Sony h.ear in Wireless MDR-EX750BT wireless headsetcharging time is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, using about 8 hours or so. So if you use every day to listen to music, talk and standby, name day filling is unavoidable.

Power on, just press and hold the power switch can be, but note the led, led the redand blue tips also expressed whether devices are paired, if paired, are shown in blue.


Note that this switch button for a short time both to answer the phone, hang up thephone, and play/

What effect the quality part, because Sony h.ear in Wireless MDR-EX750BT wirelessheadset is located in the fashion, so it is more suitable for listening to pop music, but don’t have that kind of sense of listening to bass, on the whole, more balanced. From a personal perspective I think I use it to listen to movie soundtracks is a good

Of course, because it is a wireless Bluetooth headset, it is necessary to say that the connection from this time Sony Xpira XZ with basically no staccato questions. Coupled with the Sony wireless headset in nearly two years, has been vigorously promoting the use of LDAC the Bluetooth connection to transmit technical and high resolution audio. Sony h.ear in Wireless MDR-EX750BT wireless headphones on the overall feel and General cable plugs no difference. But is in need of attention, because it is apaired device and sometimes error messages can be shown colleagues by volumebuttons and switches to a new pair.


Finally if you want to combine music and the usual calls to use, I think Sony h.ear inWireless MDR-EX750BT wireless headset really is a good choice. Because the balance will never let you down.

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