Sony MDR EX250AP headphones reviews experience

Sony headphones in the industry has always been a good evaluation dynamic headphones.Sony’s EX series also conducted a comprehensive update of the original version of EX150AP ,EX250AP headset to the current version has nice improvement.

sony ex250ap headphones review

EX250AP headphones inherited the retro design, and the use of metal brass as the shell material. According to official claims that are made of brass can reduce unnecessary vibration and sound propagation by expanding the diameter, to enhance the sound of bass.

sony ex250ap review

sony ex250ap review-white

Although EX250AP is Sony’s low-level headphones. However, in parts, the Sony is quite generous, bundled headphone sets of different sizes, as well as a fish bone router.

sony ex250ap review-red

Listen feelings: powerful bass, acoustic guitar and listening to some rock, when obviously feel more robust than the average headset bass sound. But in the pure vocal performance on a slightly worse.

sony ex250ap review-red2


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