Sony MDR-1ABT headphones reviews

For the family of SONY MDR-1A, and design of packaging continue, as always, size, even the sound quality is good as always. Though into wireless, Sony still subtle flavor.


Maybe a lot of people will feel LDAC this name is unfamiliar, simply means that Sony’s own to enable a transmission standard, simple to understand is MDR-1A BT unlimited transfer size of lossless audio, which means that although MDR-1A BT wireless headphones, but sound quality is also guaranteed.


A17 used Silver here as the front, silver player together with the silver MDR-1A BT match sensory look good.


Plus comes with a microphone, also called. Although road noise when the effect is not very good, but in quiet situations, you can feel the sound of the MDR-1A BT rich detail and overall resistance.


If MDR-1A BT match iPhone phones like the water in the morning, then MDR-1A BT A17 feels like night in the beer, for some gentle songs in Europe and America, playing a little intense love songs like a bistro, casual confession scene, delicate voice in his ear, seems to feel the feeling of guitar play.

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