SONY’s top new MDR-Z1Rheadphone TA-ZH1ES amp/player reveiws

Since the SONY Walkman open global music with times, has been focusing on audio products and technology research and development, is committed to reducing the real performance of sound.The release of the new condensed the SONY professional audio technology, reduction of nearly real sounds simple sense, will reshape the SONY’s leadership in the field of high-end audio.


SONY headphones MDR – Z1R built-in 70 mm HD drive unit, circular arc form are installed in the shell of the acoustic filter paper, can well control air resistance, reduce unnecessary space resonance and small sound.


Leather with beta titanium alloy head beam and ergonomic ear pad user wearing more comfortable.The whole headset will represent the wide range and more subtle sound, sound quality, remote, clear, natural, quiet, full of air.



TA – ZH1ES as SONY’s first desktop headphone amplifier, install a D.A. (Numbers + simulation) hybrid amplifier circuit, DSD mother with the engine, making cooperate DSEE HX digital sound to enhance engine, not only can play 11.2 MHz DSD, 384 KHZ / 32 bit of Hi – Res (high resolution) format music, also can be compressed audio sound quality to improve the standard of to near the Hi Res – level, with exquisite natural sound experienc.







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