The entry-level dynamic headphones SHURE SE112 reviews

It is the headset brand that I like. not only because it has a long headphones manufacturing history, But also it is comfortable wearing around the ears. It is the pursuit of high quality music headphones.

Today, I was very happy to recommend a very high cost performance, the entry-level dynamic headphones SHURE SE112.shure se112 reviews

SHURE SE112 why say it’s a very high cost performance entry-level headphones? First of all, its market reference price is 399 Yuan. The price is reasonable and not expensive.

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SHURE SE112 has 3 sets earplugs. It can satisfy different ears size. Official called SHURE SE112 sound headphones. The reason is that it uses rubber plugs. It can cut off the outside noise, make the headset in the ears of music more pure. Although there is no use high end memory sponge as the material, but this pair of headphones sound insulation effect and SE series of other headphones, with good sound insulation effect. It can clearly hear in metro stations. It is suitable for the user to wear outside.

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SHURE SE112 is its entry-level headphones products. Although the price is a more populist, but the technology has a big brand style. Each SHURE SE112 packing come with headphones. It is a portable bag.

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Elbow design
Elbow design headphones plug is very accord with humanized design, is also the continuation of the SHURE SE headset series. It can protect headphones plug from the extrusion deformation. It also can save space, and carried in a comfortable fit into pocket.

SHURE SE112 headphones, in order to save costs, and pull open the gap of the other products, In the upgrade, SHURE SE112 cancels directly in line design.

High quality low cost For entry-level enthusiasts
SHURE SE112 though is an entry-level moving coil headphones, but it has more strong bass and warm voice. Its sound insulation effect is very good. It is good when listen to pop music or rock music in the street. Because of positioning in entry-level, impedance and only 16 Ω, So SHURE SE112 this headset is very good.

SHURE SE112 professional human body engineering, it makes more comfortable when wearing. around the ear type cable design. Single moving-coil micro speaker unit, the impedance of 16 Ω, sensitivity of 105 db SPL/mW, wire length 127 cm.  The headset cavity volume is larger, main color is ash black. overall modeling color are relatively stable and low profile.shure se112 headphones reviews-4

SHURE SE112 headset cavity is larger, and more rounded shape. When put headphones into ears, less exposed part, looks very low-key. Overall tone is low frequency. in actual use, It will give people deep impression in the first. such a flattering feeling that the headphone gives, it really old brand of paying attention of quality.

SHURE SE112 headset timbre listening is satisfactory and comfortable. But it is the entry-level product; in detail and workmanship are not as good as the high-end products. But in a word, it is absolutely worth the price.

SHURE SE112 must be the pursuit of cost-effective option. The warm voice and low frequency are very impressive. Where in the street with big noise, we still can have a pair of comfortable wearing and have certain sound insulation effect. The headset is very appropriate. the quality assurance guarantee you worth to buying.

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  1. Marya

    I don’t use my iPhone as an iPod at all. I’ve tried, but it’s just become too much for me to have to rbemmeer the adapter for my awesome Sony earbuds (yeah, pre-3G iPhone with stupid recessed headjack). Also, the iPhone is an 8G which is not enough for me. Too much hassle having to re-load and update contents all the time. I just use it now as a phone, for internet etc, and for apps. Call me spoiled, but it actually angers me that I need to carry an 80G classic too just to satisfy my music and video needs. I look forward to the day of an affordable iPhone with loads of storage.


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