The Monster Clarity HD wireless On-ear Headphones reviews


As popular  headphones in appearance will make you feel different.Especially on headphones shell shape, can recognize at a glance.However and unfamiliar after Diamond Tears, DNA and Inspiration Inspiration series, Clarity HD On – the shape of the ear is very rules, in addition to the headphones with the MONSTER brand Logo  On both sides, the pure black color to let a person look very simple and business.


Headphones  packaging and accessories are also very accord with the minimalist style, with only a headset accessories line with a usb cable and product specifications.Inside the headset with the identity of the LR, convenient for the user to distinguish between left and right sides.


Clarity HD On – both sides of the ear beam support scale and to the inside of the bend, the maximum bending Angle is 90 degrees.Head beam at the top of the cushion with mesh, enhanced the permeability of the head.Adopting the pressure ear headphones design, ear cover is made of leather, for a long time has certain degree of fatigue wear after the meeting.Sound insulation sex good, interference by external noise is very small.


The Monster Clarity HD wireless On-ear Headphones  Support AptX bluetooth module, under the condition of mobile phone support Apt – X, can be high quality nondestructive audio transmission via their mobile phones.The power switch, a microphone, and status indicators on the right side of the headphones, and is equipped with a usb charging port, compared to other bluetooth headset button on market is less.

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The left side of the headphone socket equipped with a 3.5 mm headset line, supports both wired and wireless connections, can insert cables when headphones without electricity use.

monster-clarity-hd-on-ear-headphone-reviews7Although the Clarity HD On — the ear appearance design is very contracted, but was very comprehensive functionality.When the pairing for the first time, long press the power button until the indicator light flashing in red and blue can use mobile phones when matching, matching after a successful pilot light blue, close the bluetooth connection only in the long press power key to go.When once again open bluetooth default with former connect a pair of headphones, then other equipment will not be able to search to the headphones, when the red light flashing, continuously to ensure the security of the connection.


Reconnect the new equipment, the need in the case of bluetooth headset off, long press the power button until it appears red and blue light flashing, then we can use other equipment with headphones matching.


The greatest characteristic of this kind of headset is on the right side of the headphones beams, with a touch above board.When listening to music or call only through simple operation can achieve a variety of functions of headphones.When listening to music with his fingers touch one bar on the right side to control pause/play songs.Touch two beams can enter the next song, a light touch on three measures can enter a song before.

Headset has optimized for voice calls, hold down the touch pad can conduct voice dialing or refuse to answer the phone, touch pad can answer/end call at a time, a light touch on two touch pad is acceptable to keep calling.Fingers sliding up pad can improve the sound volume, slide down touch pad can reduce the sound volume, this operation will not affect the volume of mobile devices.


Headset power button is also a multi-function key, in the process of call even press the multi function button twice can keep/cancel mute, listen to the sound even twice in the process of the multi-function button can switch the built-in sound, at the same time hold the touch pad and power key can dial again.In the process of actual use, basic can completely out of to the operation of the mobile phone.


From the previous monster headset products, its the biggest characteristic of voice is heavy bass, for the friend that likes DJ music and electronic music will be right, but other types of music performance is relatively poor.So Clarity HD wireless On – ear will continue the monster headset product characteristic, the following will share the author’s listening experience.

Subjective listening

After completion of the bluetooth pairing can through mobile devices play songs, headphones could feel heavy low-frequency sound that just opened, but there is no boom head feeling, diving more quality, also won’t because of too low frequency and intermediate frequency cover details, very suitable for listening to some music rhythm is very strong, the adoption of closed-end design headphones, sound field is not large, have surrounded by feeling.In the process of play songs, even if the sound source and the headset has certain distance or obstacle, caton rarely happens.Headset support Apt – X lossless transmission, but you need to phone support, the audition this phone is not supported, Apt – X should lead to better quality increases with faster data transmission speed.


Use of lines to connect headsets and mobile phone will automatically disconnect bluetooth connectivity, voice will have obvious change.Low frequency dive deep than when using bluetooth connection, low frequency and sound field and sound resolving power has increased, can hear the sound of the more detail and level.Headphones become more omnivorous, listen to the rock types of songs will be a very intense pleasure, sound quality is much better than that of the bluetooth connection.But stay time is long, it’s easy to appear fatigue, it is also a pressing ear headphones is inevitable.

The monster headset, no matter in functional portability and quality to be able to meet the needs of most users, in addition to the durability of the wear almost can not find out any problems.In the modelling design change before popular logo design style, become more low-key and mature, really the function and the balance of the sound quality.In the price of one thousand yuan or so, whether you have any requirements, the MONSTER Clarity HD wireless On – the ear is right choice.

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